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Annette:  "Dealing with the feeling of loss caused by infertility can be very lonely.  It felt like a huge weight was lifted when I worked with Kacy.  She asked the right questions and helped me to gain a sense of control over my fertility issues, which had previously seemed so hopeless and complex.  I no longer felt so alone, and she encouraged me to take things one step at a time toward my goal of having another child."

Rachelle: "Kacy’s coaching is supportive, practical, and direct. I found myself getting stuck with seemingly limitless choices; I was sidetracked by a lot of good things that weren’t really aligned with what I really wanted. Now, Kacy helps me clarify my goals, shows how realistic they are, and guides me to find bite-sized, practical steps that I act on every week."

Lara:  "In my first session with Kacy, I was able to create a formula for myself to tap into and question my old ways of thinking which helps me make positive and productive choices on a daily basis!"

Chelsea: "Working with Kacy was really helpful and enlightening. I wasn't sure what to expect from our sessions, but I felt it could be helpful to have guidance. From our first session she was able to understand where I was and which questions would make me think and open my mind to new ideas, feelings and options. I left that first conversation with a new perspective and inspiration for my journey."

Patricia:  "I found Kacy to be a compassionate coach, a good listener and someone I felt I could talk with to get to the heart of the matter.  She guided me to think in ways I would not have done on my own and supported me in my journey to make positive changes."

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