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This post contains affiliate links.  I am a huge fan of natural medicine - it’s safe, it’s affordable, it’s effective.  I have always been a believer of healing holistically and preventative medicine.  My husband's father-in-law, who is a doctor, once told me all I was doing was "creating expensive pee" after seeing the copious amounts of vitamins/supplements I was popping every day.  That may have been true at one time when I was buying my vitamins and supplements off Amazon and in big box stores - apparently the absorption rate in those are only about 5-10%. Whereas dōTERRA's vitamin and supplements absorption rate is 80%.  


It's not to say I won't use Western medicine, because I do at times, but I always try the natural alternatives as a preventative, a first line attack and/or in conjunction with Western meds depending on the situation.  I figure it's better to first use something on myself and my children that is not chemically made.  My instinct is to first trust Mother Nature over the man made products.  


I think one of my favorite wholistic methods I use to keep healthy or treat an ailment is essential oils because quite frankly swallowing pills is a chore, but oils are fun. Oils tickle your senses as they smell and taste so authentic. 


Once I started using dōTERRA essential oils, I started to feel better and have a lot more more energy.  More than just that, using dōTERRA essential oils has kept myself and my family away from the vicious cycle of colds that used to be a consistent presence during the cold and flu season.  It has even helped improve my eldest son's mood disorder and ADHD.  dōTERRA products has helped me change how I feel physically and the health of my family's life.

Essential oils are both exciting and promising when it comes to taking care of your own and your family’s health.


Plain and Simple I can honestly say THEY WORK!  These aren't just a trend or fad - people have been using these for thousands of years.  And I would love for you to experience their effectiveness for yourself. At the very least try some out in your bath at night - that's one of my favorite uses at the end of along stressful day.  


Check out my link to shop retail for these amazing products:


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And if you want to LEARN MORE - contact me for a free class schedule (I offer both virtual or in person depending on where you live).


​After taking a year off to be a full-time stay at home mom, going on job interview after job interview was extremely depressing. I just couldn't get excited to work for someone else, spend countless hours commuting, make someone else rich, deal with office politics, and have my financial future hinge on people who weren't invested in my success.


I didn't want to simply pay the bills anymore. Instead, I was seeking to be the master of my domain - to take control over my ability to succeed - to find work/life balance and financial freedom - to spend more quality time with my kids and husband - and I wanted to provide fun and unique opportunities for my family along the way.


For me, dōTERRA is not work - it's a lifestyle.


Life is too short not to be passionate and enjoy what you do. It was easy for me to get excited about this product and the business opportunity it provides. I am so excited to help inspire and empower others to change their lives in the same way I did!

I’m looking for motivated, dynamic, health and wellness believers that I can put my time, my talent and my resources into - do you know anyone who would be a perfect fit as a Wellness Advocate?  Have them contact me to hitch their wagon to mine and start their road to good health, financial freedom and success!     

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