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Hi I'm Kacy...


After over 20 years as a film producer and C-level studio executive, I woke up one day and realized I wasn't doing anything to feed my passion to truly help others. So I decided to take action.


Almost 400 hours of intensive training later, I became an iPEC certified professional coach. 


I knew that my calling was to serve people who found themselves on a challenging path to build their family.  After all I built my family in an unconventional way after years of struggles. 


I'm passionate to help others create a family because I discovered family is EVERYTHING.

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As your Infertility Coach, I am your partner on your family building journey… 


With so many options to build a family it can be overwhelming.  I will help you break it down to figure out which option is best for you.  


As an overachieving, Type A, tenacious go-getter, not only did I approach trying to conceive, with the laser focus precision of a brain surgeon, I made it my sole life's purpose.  


There was nothing I didn't try to get pregnant. Everything from "fertility diets", acupuncture, yoga, standing on my head to increase blood flow, candlelit baths, fertility tests, Mayan abdominal massage, supplements, Chinese herbs, cupping, fertility courses, fertility books, 9 rounds of IUI & 4 rounds of IVF.


One day I woke up with an epithany! All this focus was on my body, but I was neglecting my MINDSET and tapping into my inner self.  I made the decision right then and there I wasn’t going let my negative thoughts and limiting beliefs sabotage my dreams.


Therefore, I did what any intelligent, high-achieving, determined woman committed to success would do—I worked with a coach - and I now have 3 boys to show for it!  My coach inspired me to be YOUR coach for Infertility treatment!  Contact me to see if we are a right fit.

One question I'm often asked is what is the difference between Coaching and Therapy.  I've used both methods throughout my life and both serve a purpose - depending on your needs and/or goals at the time. Here is a comparison:


Moves a person from “functional” to “optimal”

Looks at the present and, more importantly, the future

Helps you shift your mindset, eliminate blocks, find solutions, make actions plans & moves you forward

Gets you quicker results as it's all about moving you forward


Moves a person from “dysfunctional” to “functional”

Focuses on problems by exploring the past

Often takes longer to achieve results because it works to heal the past

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